(Deutsch) LITTLE BIRDS spring/summer

(Deutsch) Ihr Kinderlein kommet…

(Deutsch) mija t. rosa @ Weihnachten am Kriemhildplatz

(Deutsch) mija t. rosa @ MODEPALAST 2011

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(Deutsch) Macht mehr Babys – es gibt neue mamamija Shirts!

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oversized culture collar

This is the prototype of quite a special accessoire, an oversized collar. Must be worn over the obligatory Bazooka tee.


100% PE AW/09/10

Julian wears:
Top "garbage bag" black& extra loose fit,
Bra "Billa"
red Hoodie,
all items are made of 100% recyclable PE

The mask that breathes


Top Accessoire: The Mask


Julian (re)discovered the mask as his most favourite accessoire. When make-up is not enough: It can be anything from spectacles to a full-face helmet. Starting with the bazooka, this is definitely becoming a blog article sub-series.


Julian wears:
Bazooka T-Shirt from Israel
black bicycle helmet, worn back to front

100% PE

Julian wears:
favourite tee "St. Martin Klosterneuburg" (Model's own)
collage of three different plastic bags as hat, strapless top and belt
accessoires: designer tools